Because an entire generation is suffering from an existential crisis. 

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Children as young as five are being treated for mental health in England.

Young people are looking at the world and the kind of life that they are expected to lead and saying “no, this is not how it’s meant to be”. Forty somethings are waking up one morning with everything they thought they wanted and asking themselves, is this it? And what’s worse it’s the most sensitive souls with the most to offer that are suffering the most.

This is a crisis of values. A value system tells us what is good and what is worth aiming for in life. The value system which we inherited from our parents is breaking down in the face of the developments of the last two decades.  It is no longer a suitable guide to action in the fast changing world we live in.

Conscious Evolution is a new value system.  It tells us that any action which facilitates or aids the process of evolution is inherently good. Any action which slows it down or impedes it is inherently bad. It tells us that a life devoted to consciously facilitating the evolutionary process will be a happy and fulfilling life.



The latest climate change science raises the possibility that our maladaptive drives may be driving us to extinction. We have evolved impulses to reproduce freely, accumulate possessions, and eat meat, but in a highly populated world these behaviours have become maladaptive. The only way to free ourselves from these impulses is to cultivate an awareness around our choices, to look at our instincts and inclinations and discard those which no longer serve us. This is Conscious Evolution in a nutshell.

More generally climate change is a tragedy of the commons and can only be solved by global cooperation. Similarly, the threat of nuclear war will never disappear until we stop identifying with our individual nation and start identifying as global citizens. To do this our consciousness and cultures have to evolve from mythocentric and ethnocentric to a worldcentric stage of development.

Conscious Evolution is the grand unifying philosophy which underpins all of these changes.


Why would we want to facilitate evolution?

In other words, why is evolution good?

Take a look at what evolution has accomplished. Evolution has taken us from mere matter, to simple replicating life, through to vastly complex and beautiful creatures and finally to the emergence of minds capable of apprehending this entire process.

This gives us a choice.

Is evolution something we want to facilitate? Or hinder? Do we want to see life progress? Or regress? Do we want to find out what evolutionary level comes beyond mind? Or was the world better off in some previous epoch?

Arguments to that effect involve romanticising a past existence that, compared with today, was nasty, brutish and short. Modern life is beset by all sorts of problems, dissociations and fractures but the way out of those problems is forwards, not backwards.

Conscious Evolution is our way out of this mess.

Evolution is the Western equivalent of the Chinese Tao, what Robert Pirsig calls Dynamic Quality.

It is the mysterious force that gives birth to everything around us.

Aligning yourself with that force is our life’s purpose, and the way to true fulfilment.